Simon Tozer


Left Brian and Right Brian

Image of Left Brian and Right Brian

This is a pair of hand printed screenprints on Fabriano Rosaspina 285gsm paper.
Paper size: H17 x W11 cm
Image size: H17 x W11 cm
Edition Size: 30
Pair of hand printed screenprints, seven colours on each print. Colour goes to edge of paper. Each print is signed, titled numbered and dated on each print.
Sold unframed as a pair.

Pigeons are often thought to be a bit simple, but in fact they are very smart. And conversely, humans are thought to be smart but history, and predictions for our future may suggest otherwise. This pigeon is called Brian and we see him in two aspects. Right Brian, and Left Brian. Together these two aspects make Brian what he is. So Brian is sold as a pair.